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Fabric Yardage Conversion Guide: Inches to Meters

When embarking on a sewing project, one of the first and most crucial steps is determining how much fabric you'll need. But with global fabric markets, sometimes measurements provided in one unit might not be familiar to everyone. This can especially be the case with yardage, inches, and meters.

To aid in your sewing journey, we've put together a comprehensive conversion guide that helps translate fabric lengths from yards to inches, and then from inches to meters. This guide is essential for those who are purchasing fabrics from international markets or patterns that provide measurements in units unfamiliar to them.


Fabric Yardage Conversion Chart

Our chart is designed around three common fabric widths: 36", 44", and 60". These widths are standard in the industry and are often used for various types of apparel  fabrics.

Length Inches Meters
For 36" width fabric
1/4 yard 9" 0.2286 m
1/2 yard 18" 0.4572 m
3/4 yard 27" 0.6858 m
1 yard 36" 0.9144 m
1 1/2 yards 54" 1.3716 m
2 yards 72" 1.8288 m
4 yards 144" 3.6576 m
For 44" width fabric
1/4 yard 11" 0.2794 m
1/2 yard 22" 0.5588 m
3/4 yard 33" 0.8382 m
1 yard 44" 1.1176 m
1 1/2 yards 66" 1.6764 m
2 yards 88" 2.2352 m
4 yards 176" 4.4704 m
For 60" width fabric
1/4 yard 15" 0.381 m
1/2 yard 30" 0.762 m
3/4 yard 45" 1.143 m
1 yard 60" 1.524 m
1 1/2 yards 90" 2.286 m
2 yards 120" 3.048 m
4 yards 240" 6.096 m


How to Use the Chart

  • Identify Fabric Width
    • Determine the width of the fabric you are interested in (it will typically be one of the three mentioned).
  • Find Your Yardage
    • Look at the yardage you need (or have) and trace its corresponding conversion to inches or meters.
  • Proceed Confidently
    • With the exact measurement in hand, you can now proceed with your project or make informed purchasing decisions.


Final Thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or a beginner just starting out, understanding fabric measurements is crucial. We hope this guide aids you in all your sewing adventures, ensuring that you always have the right amount of fabric for your projects.

Remember, sewing is as much about precision as it is about creativity. Happy sewing!

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