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Best Sewing Accessories for Drag Queens

As a pattern maker and sewing enthusiast, good quality sewing accessories are important. These tools are essential for making your sewing projects easier and achieving professional-looking results. Here are some of the best sewing accessories that every home sewer should have in their collection.

drag queen sewing accessories paper trimmer

Paper Trimmer

A paper cutter, also known as a paper guillotine or simply a guillotine, is a tool often found in offices and classrooms, designed to administer straight cuts to single sheets or large stacks of paper at once. Great for trimming margins off of your PDF patterns.

drag queen sewing accessories rotary cutter

Rotary cutter and cutting mat

A rotary cutter is a handheld tool with a circular blade that can cut through multiple layers of fabric at once, making it a great time-saver. A cutting mat is a self-healing mat that protects surfaces from scratches and nicks while providing a smooth and stable cutting surface. Together, these two tools make cutting fabric effortless and precise.

drag queen sewing accessories scissors

Quality Fabric Scissors

Fabric scissors or fabric shears as they are more commonly referred to are the main tool used for cutting out your fabric. There are various different types of fabric shears on the market which range from general purpose to a traditional tailors shears.

drag queen sewing accessories seam ripper

Seam ripper

A seam ripper is an essential tool for removing unwanted stitches or taking apart a seam. It consists of a sharp blade on one end and a plastic handle on the other. Be sure to choose a seam ripper with a sharp blade, comfortable handle, and a protective cover for safety.

drag queen sewing accessories ruler

Measuring tape and rulers

Accurately measuring your fabric pieces is crucial to achieving precise results. A measuring tape is a must-have in any sewing kit. You can also use rulers, such as a straight ruler or a clear ruler to measure fabric pieces and mark lines.

drag queen sewing accessories pins clips

Pins and pin cushion

Pins help keep fabric pieces in place while you sew, reducing the risk of misalignments or puckers. A pin cushion is an excellent place to store your pins, so they are always close at hand. Choose a pin cushion with a sturdy base and a thick filler so that the needles won't slip out easily.

drag queen sewing accessories leather awl

Leather stitching awl

A stitching awl is a tool with which holes can be punctured in a variety of materials, or existing holes can be enlarged. It is also used for sewing heavy materials, such as leather or canvas. It is a thin, tapered metal shaft, coming to a sharp point, either straight or slightly bent. 

drag queen sewing accessories needles

Sewing machine needles

Different sewing projects require different types of needles. Using the right needle can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project. There are various types of needles, such as universal, denim, leather, and embroidery needles, to name a few. Always choose the right size and type of needle for the fabric you are sewing.

drag queen sewing accessories iron

Iron and ironing board

Pressing your fabric pieces is a crucial step in achieving a professional look. A good-quality iron and ironing board make this step easier and efficient. Choose an iron with adjustable heat settings and a steam function so that you can tailor it to your fabric's needs.

drag queen sewing accessories ham

Tailors Ham

A tailor's ham or dressmaker's ham is a tightly stuffed pillow used as a curved mold when pressing curved areas of clothing, such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars, or waistlines. Pressing on a curved form allows a garment better to fit body contours. 

drag queen sewing accessories plastic snaps kit

Plastic Snaps Kit

A snap fastener, also called snap button, press stud, press fastener, dome fastener, popper, snap and tich (or tich button), is a pair of interlocking discs, made out of a metal or plastic, commonly used in place of traditional buttons to fasten clothing and for similar purposes.

drag queen sewing accessories grommets

Grommet eyelet kit

There are two common types of grommets: the plain grommet (sometimes also known as the washer grommet) and the spur grommet. Since both types of grommets are used to reinforce holes, how different can they be? Fairly different, actually, and those differences will have a big impact on the performance of your projects.

In conclusion, having good quality sewing accessories can make a significant difference in the appearance and durability of your sewing projects. Be sure to invest in these essential tools to elevate your sewing skills and achieve professional-looking results.

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